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New England Journal of Medicine article discusses rural telehealth

March 24, 2017 by Robert Williams in News with 0 Comments

Dr. Corey Gonzales uses telehealth to reach rural communities

Telehealth has an important role in delivering behavioral healthcare to rural communities. Rural communities have historically had a higher incidence of mental, behavioral and developmental disorders. In a recent perspective from the New England Journal of Medicine, Kelly J. Kelleher, M.D., and William Gardner, Ph. D. discuss how, in rural settings, telehealth is used in place of traditional healthcare and that it shows results.

“The Australian experience demonstrates what is possible; several efficacy studies have revealed similar outcomes and engagement with telehealth interventions as with in-person clinical services. Similar programs could be extended, and indeed 20% annual growth in telehealth visits is predicted for the next 5 years…”

Out of Sight, Out of Mind — Behavioral and Developmental Care for Rural Children reflects the importance of telehealth care in a rural setting, particularly behavioral health. Read it by clicking here.

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