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Why Telemedicine

We believe that telemedicine is a way to solve many of the healthcare access problems we face today. There is a real need for this service! Many patients just do not have the resources to get the proper care due to a multitude of reasons such as physician unavailability, location proximity, and travel challenges.

Physician Specialist Shortage

Whether you live in a rural area, suburbs or even in the city, there is usually a lack of medical specialists. And when you do find one, the wait time to obtain an appointment is longer than what one usually expects; some taking months just to be seen. Telemedicine takes the geography problems out of the way. It does not matter where the patient is located. This innovative way of treating patients will give you access to all the specialists in the Telehealthdocs network.

Transportation Issues

In rural and urban areas, transportation to appointments is a common problem. Frequently patients have to travel long distances to receive services from medical specialists which can then mean having to coordinate rides via family and friends or public transportation, if available, and depending on the distance, may have to find overnight accommodations. All of these factors can come with large out-of-pocket expenses along with a lot of time away from work and home, and exhausted resources; leading some to forfeit getting care altogether. This is where Telehealthdocs can make a difference. We work side-by-side with our clients to find the solution that is right for patients to ultimately close the ‘geographic gap’ for health care access.