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Having a telehealth program is only half the answer. You also need the right doctors! Telehealthdocs can offer you that solution by getting you the physicians you need. We can deliver affordable and superior healthcare services to you – anytime, anyplace. By working with us, we can significantly increase access to critically needed medical services, reduce healthcare related costs, and improve patient outcomes and follow-up care. Telehealthdocs works with all entities including hospitals, clinics, health systems, employer groups, and even government agencies. Telehealthdocs conveniently connects your company to our team of licensed professional telemedicine specialists, increasing your standard of care while reducing your overall costs.

Why Choose Us

Our management team and expert staff can help you seamlessly integrate telehealth services into your healthcare practice. We can provide assistance with technology assessment, equipment acquisition, installation, grant writing, provider training, setup and support. Our specialists can work with the primary care physicians and nurses for a customized complete plan of care, the benefits of which will also allow you to retain a larger number of your patients and shorten the wait time for them to be seen. We can assist you in delivering quality medical care to your patients.

Strategic Partnerships

California Telehealth Network

CTN_squareTelehealthdocs is proud to be a California Telehealth Network Authorized Partner. CTN is California’s leading agency focusing on increasing access to healthcare, including telehealth, telemedicine and health information exchange, through the innovative use of technology. CTN is creating high speed telecommunications infrastructure and service availability that will support the creation of a fully integrated healthcare delivery systems within California.

Kern Family Health Care

Kern Family Health Care™ patients can now see our Dermatology, Endocrinology, Nephrology and Pain Management specialists by referral from a Primary Care Physician. For more information, ask your PCP or call Telehealthdocs at 661-840-9270.

Kern Radiology

KernRadiologyKern Radiology is a strategic Telehealthdocs partner providing the highest standard of compassionate care to their patients. Four locations throughout the Bakersfield area providing 12 specialty procedures allows our local patients access to quality diagnostic medical imaging. Please visit the Kern Radiology website to learn more about their services.

Diabetes Care Partners

DiabetesCarePD72bR04aP01ZL-Carter4a_mdmDiabetes Care Partners℠ is a preferred vendor of Telehealthdocs for diabetes education services. They are a nationally recognized diabetes solutions organization dedicated to patient-centric diabetes self-management education through provider and health plan collaboration. It is the award winning destination for fully inclusive personalized one-on-one onsite, telehealth, and mobile diabetes self-management education since 2003.