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Telehealthdocs offers a broad range of clinical and consultative services. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

Clinical Specialty Services

Expand your service availability through the use of telemedicine. Telehealthdocs can connect your organization with licensed, board-certified physicians via video, email or telephone. Services available vary depending on your organizational need; please contact us to discuss clinical services that are currently available.

Technical Assistance

Telehealthdocs can assist your organization with all of your technical needs for operating and expanding your telemedicine program. We can help with technology assessments, contract negotiations, equipment acquisition, and staff training.

Operational Support

Telehealthdocs can provide programmatic and operational support to assist in the seamless integration of telemedicine within your organization’s current workflow. We provide planning and development guidance to assure the successful implementation and optimization of your telemedicine services.